ॐ Sound Therapy ॐ

Sound has always been used by the human race as a form of connection with the mystery of creation in form of chants, prayers or Sounds of instruments such as Gong, Organs and Bells on churches among many others.
Sound Therapy is a vibrational massage sounds that relax, harmonize, realign and balance the physical, mental and emotional bodies.
The customer simply lies down to receive the "sound bath" of instruments such as: Tibetan and Quartz Bowls, Hang, Gong, Maracá, Shamanic Drum and Didgeridu.

We also use the tuning fork to bring healing vibrations to our bones, organs and internal parts of the body.
Duration 1h
Pedro Collares graduated in Barcelona from the International Association of Sound Therapy. He also traveled to India where he studied Yoga, Music and Meditation. For more than 10 years working in the realms of alternative therapies, cures, self knowledge and major Yoga Festivals around the globe.